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Mercedes Benz W202 C43 AMG Body Kit

Installation of the C43 AMG Body Kit on the Mercedes Benz W202. Small changes can make a big difference. :)

Changes: Front bumper, Rear bumper, Side skirts & Rear boot spoiler.

Below are the before and after pictures. Enjoy!

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Mercedes Benz E-Class W211 Kleemann

Below are some of the sample cars we did.
One of our client’s W211 E200K car, enhanced with Kleemann front & rear lips and AMG Side skirtings.
The whole process took a total of 5 days. Starting with the production of the bodykits until the painting. Fitting on the front lip, rear lip, and side skirtings wasn’t easy as it required 100% precision and experience. The front lip need to be shaped (cut) accordingly to the original bumper which took gruelling hours to be done with perfection. After all was fitted, the bodykit was cemented with orange paste, to achieve a refined and well blended look. An undercoat was painted and cemented once more. Lastly, the bodykits were painted and voila! the car looks like it just came out of the factory. The bodykits looked well blended together with the car’s body. 100% satisfaction.
The process of enhancing the W211
1) Starting of the process
2) Putting on the Kleemann front lip
3) Putting on the AMG Side skirtings

4) AMG Side skirtings (Side view)

5) Fixing the Kleemann rear lip & cement with orange paste for a more refined look

TADA! The finished product.

© Akiwa Autobahn Motorsports

The whole process took us 1 full day (10am – 5.30pm)
A brilliant design indeed.
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Mercedes Benz E Class W210 AMG

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BMW 7 Series E38 Ac Schnitzer

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